Wavewalk 700: a new look at the microskiff

Florida is blessed with many great fisheries, including the flats, where microskiff rule.  Microskiff are (as their name implies) skiffs of a smaller size, that is flat-bottomed motorboats designed mainly for going in flat, shallow water, which is essentially what the ‘flats’ are, and where local fishermen seek popular species such reds, tarpon, snook and seatrout.

But although microskiff are relatively small, they still require transportation by trailer, a fact that many anglers don’t appreciate because of the need to launch such boats in boat ramps, which in many cases leads to precious time being lost instead of being enjoyed.

Most paddle craft, such as canoes and kayaks, don’t require transportation by trailer, and they can be car topped. This is probably the main reason why so many fishermen choose to fish out of them despite the discomfort and wetness they have to endure, and the severe limitations as far as range of travel is concerned.

Another advantage that canoes and kayaks have over microskiff is their ability to go in very shallow water, dubbed skinny water, where the typical microskiff is prevented from going because of its dependence on its motor’s propeller, which requires a more substantial draft to work, and the need for absence of seaweed and other types of vegetation that happen to coincide with the presence of many fish.

Fishing kayaks, and to the lesser extent canoes too, are not well suited for two fishermen to fish from. You really need a microskiff or at least a jon boat to fish with a fishing buddy.

And what if there was a type of watercraft that offers both the advantages of microskiff and paddle craft?
Namely, a boat that’s spacious and stable enough for two large-size fishermen to fish from, even if they stand up, while being lightweight and narrow enough for them to paddle and car top?
And what if such craft was in fact lightweight and easy to paddle even for one person, without a fishing buddy?
And wouldn’t it be great if such boat could be motorized with a powerful outboard that would allow its crew to cover large swaths of water in their quest for fish?
And what about comfort? – Wouldn’t it be a great advantage for the crew of such boat if they could benefit from dryness and enjoy comfortable sitting and standing positions?

Well, this seemingly fantastic wishlist describes what the new Wavewalk™ 700 actually offers, in real life. It is a new class of boat – the microskiff reinvented in the size and weight of a fishing yak that at 80 lbs is not even particularly heavy for this class of behemoth, known as ‘barges’.



A cockpit that’s almost 8 ft long


Microskiff in white with Spray Shield 640
In white, the typical microskiff color