The New Series 4 (S4) From Wavewalk

Wavewalk is offering an ultralight, fully portable (car-top) boat with some exceptional features and capabilities in paddling, motorizing, and fishing – The New Series 4 (S4) »

This boat (micro skiff) comes with a skiff stand-up casting platform at the bow, and a large size cockpit with slanted sides that offer its crew to paddle it comfortable and effectively either as a canoe or a tandem kayak,

Don’t Forget About Paddling!

Paddling can mean the difference between going in skinny water and not going there, and the same is true for vegetation-rich water. And in case of a problem with the motor paddling can mean the difference between getting back home and not… This super skiff works great both as a tandem kayak and as a canoe.



Solo Is Not Always Fun, And Fishing Buddies On Board Can Be Great! – 

The S4 can take two large-size anglers on board, plus all the fishing and camping gear they can dream of, plus a powerful motor, and there will still be room in its cockpit for an additional small-size passenger, such as a kid, or a dog.

And let’s not forget no-motor zones (NMZ), of course.

Length: 13 ft
Width: 38 inches
Weight: 98 lbs without motor and accessories
Payload: 680 lbs


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